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Here's why I did this free Zoom Training and what you'll find out...

One of the silver linings of the pandemic with so many of us stuck at home is the opportunity to take advantage of technologies like Zoom to stay connected and keep life and business going.

In one week I literally "attended" all of these events via Zoom:

  • The Funeral of Nephew David
  • A Birthday Party
  • A Women's Connection Circle
  • A DJ Dance Rave
  • A Yoga Class
  • A Drumming Lesson
  • A Virtual Happy Hour

...And I was surprised how many people were Zoom newbies. I love Zoom and have been using it for all my 1-1 and group coaching for years, so I I thought it might be helpful if I did a free training and share some of my tips and tricks. Here's just some of what I covered:

  • How to set up your Zoom meeting in advance and the different options you can configure in the settings.
  • How to use a "splash screen" and play music before the meeting starts.
  • How to use and create Polls.
  • How to use Breakout Rooms and a demo of how it's done.
  • How to use the Feedback Emojis.
  • Some tech tips
  • Tricks to look good on video
  • And more!

NOTE: Zoom has a ton of great free training videos on their website. The best way to get good at Zoom is by using Zoom. Try it out. Practice. Use Google if you have questions. You got this!

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Best Practices from 20 Years of Experience

Welcome! I'm Michelle Schubnel, and 20 years ago I left my demanding software sales and mareting job to launch my full-time coaching business and pursue my dream of being a coach, making a difference and living my best life.  

Over the years I narrowed my focus and have helped thousands of coaches attract and enroll ideal clients and create thriving, rewarding , leveraged and profitable coaching businesses.

—Michelle Schubnel Founder Group Coaching Success and Coach & Grow R.I.C.H. Academy