4 critical areas you need to master for coaching groups

You Coaching Groups

Did you know that when it comes to coaching groups there are 4 critical areas you need to master?

It’s true! And it’s why The Group Coaching Success Program focuses on these 4 areas.

Here’s a quick summary…

#1 – Design An Irresistible Group 

This is KEY! In addition to determining all of the group details, such as the duration, format, size, content, price, etc., you MUST make sure your coaching group is something your ideal participants WANT to join.

#2 – Market To Fill Your Group 

This is obviously super important and you’ll be most successful when you follow these 2 Golden Rules, “To Fill Your Group You Must Market To Groups” and “To Fill Your Group You Must Campaign Your Group.”

#3 – Manage And Administer Your Group 

Next you need to decide how you are going to handle registration and payment, how you’ll communicate with your participants, what technology to use if you’re running a virtual group and the other administrative details.

#4 – Confidently Coach Your Group 

This is the fun part 🙂 And the really good news is there are only handful of things you need to do differently to leverage your current coaching skills to become a group coaching rockstar!

Now if you’re thinking, “Wow, there are a lot of details to figure out things to do to be successful with groups…” You’d be right!

That’s why I created the Group Coaching Success Home Learning Program… to make it as quick and easy as possible for you to get started and be successful with groups.

The Group Coaching Success Program focuses on the 4 key areas and teaches you a proven system that guides you every step of the way so you can help more people and earn more money in less time by coaching groups.

You also get time-saving tools, templates, checklists and resources that make it easy for you to get into action quickly.

Plus… when you join now you’ll get to participate in my special live 3 month Group Coaching Success Jump Start Program where I’ll serve as your mentor and coach, providing the guidance, support and feedback you need to stay focused, motivated and on-track.

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Imagine this being part of your story…

  • Coaching and helping hundreds, if not thousands, of clients per year.
  • Earning a high hourly rate and getting on the path to an unlimited income potential.
  • Being able to reach and serve new groups of people through affordable group programs (that still pay you well!)
  • Feeling fulfilled because you are the conduit for connection, community and contribution.
  • Taking control of your time and schedule so you work less and earn more.
  • Plus having lots of fun along the way.

Isn’t it time to serve more people and dramatically increase your income in less time through the power of group coaching?

You can do this and I can help.

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You rock,


Michelle Schubnel