In coach training school I was taught, “The Client Sets The Agenda.”

Did you learn that too?

At the time it made sense to me.

But once I launched my full-time business and started coaching more clients…

…Simply “letting the client set the agenda” didn’t always work out that well.

Some clients really liked to hear themselves talk and wanted to spend the majority of the coaching session debriefing or going off on tangents. And while this made them feel better in the moment, they weren’t experiencing the kind of transformation and results I knew were possible.

Other clients were more quiet and reserved. It wasn’t long before I realized that if I didn’t help steer the bus, the client wouldn’t get very far.

Have you ever experienced these things coaching your clients?

Here’s what turned things around for me…

…Creating my signature coaching system and packaging up my coaching into a structured coaching program.

Imagine what your coaching business would be like if these things also happened for you…

=> No more feeling like you are “winging it” as a coach. Instead you’re confident because you have a structured process to help keep your clients stay focused, accountable, energized and on-track towards achieving their goals.

=> Signing up new clients becomes A LOT easier. When you clearly and concisely share your signature coaching program, potential clients feel confident they will achieve their desired results making it an easier “YES!”

=> You sell more coaching sessions and make more money. Packaging up your coaching into a structured program that you deliver over a set period of time increases your overall revenue, makes your monthly income more steady and essentially eliminates having clients wanting to quit after just a few sessions.

=> Your clients totally love you because they’re getting great results fast. Having a structured system makes you a better coach and helps you best support your coaching clients in achieving what they really want as quickly and easily as possible.

=> You can use your signature coaching system as the foundation for running group coaching programs. Instead of being limited to the number of individual clients you can serve (and therefore the amount of money you can earn), you can offer group programs and unlock your unlimited earning potential.