“I was afraid that people wouldn’t want to join a group coaching program,” said Isabelle after she began marketing her high-end career coaching group and folks started signing up.

At the time Isabelle believed 1-1 coaching was somehow “better.” And that 1-1 coaching was what people “really” wanted… Turns out, she was wrong!

Yes, of course, there are tons of people who are specifically looking for private one-on-one support from a coach… …And there are an equal number of people (if not more!) who actually prefer the group environment.

Here are the 9 Big Reasons Why People Love Groups…

#1 – Connection and Community. People crave connection, community and a sense of belonging.

#2 – Greater Accountability = Better Results. It’s human nature that we’re more likely to keep a commitment made publicly to a group than privately to a coach. A well-structured group can provide SO MUCH more accountability than just private coaching. And greater accountability leads to more action and better results.

#3 – To Not Feel Alone. When people take on a big goal or focus on addressing an important issue, they often feel like they are the only one in that situation. But when that person is in a group with others who are in the same boat, they experience the “normalization effect” which makes it so much easier to move forward.

#4 – Expand and Develop Network. This is a particularly appealing benefit for groups that have a business or professional focus.

#5 – Deepen Knowledge and Accelerate Growth. There is so much collective wisdom in a group and it’s one of the best ways to address, “Not knowing what you don’t know.” Experiencing someone else being coached is a powerful way to deepen learning, expand awareness and discover new insights.

# 6 – To Share and Contribute. Deep down we all want to make an impact and contribute to others. Participating in a coaching group is an excellent avenue for this.

#7 – Less Pressure. This is especially true when compared to paying big bucks for private coaching where the last thing someone wants is to show up feeling unprepared and therefore not get the most out of their investment.

#8 – Something To Look Forward To. The most successful coaching groups are enjoyable, uplifting and inspiring… if not down-right fun. And who doesn’t want more fun, enjoyment, and inspiration?

And Last, But Definitely Not Least…

#9 – Great Return on Investment. The fact is, a lot of folks are budget conscious. So when you have a more affordable group coaching option, it’s an easier YES! People feel like they are getting a deal, saving money and maximizing their return on their coaching investment.

So, my friend…

…As you read through these reasons why clients love groups, did you find yourself connecting with what you also love about groups? I think group coaching rocks. But clearly I’m biased 🙂

Group Coaching Marketing Tip: If you want to create an irresistible group that people are excited to join, highlight these client benefits in your marketing. It’s one of the keys for successfully marketing and filling groups… and it’s something many coaches overlook!

Here’s to maximizing your impact, income and free time by coaching groups!

You rock,


Michelle Schubnel

Michelle Schubnel
President and Head Coach
Group Coaching Success