The 3 Group Coaching Models That Give You The Most Freedom, Flexibility and Income

Which group coaching model is right for you?

Group coaching is awesome, but it can sometimes be tricky to know the best kind of coaching group to offer.

That’s why I wrote this quick-to-read eBook “The 3 Most Proven & Profitable Group Coaching Models… And How To Choose The Right One For Your Business”.

In it I reveal the critical factors you need to consider when choosing the right group coaching model for your business, including…

  • The secrets for generating massive revenue from group coaching, even if you run a low-priced group and don’t have tons of participants.
  • An easy pricing formula so you can confidently set your group coaching fees.
  • How much content you really need when coaching groups.
  • The best way to generate ongoing revenue through group coaching.
  • And much, much more!

I recommend you grab the eBook now as this page will only be up for a short time. All it takes is one easy click!

And after you give it a read, I’d be curious to know which of the group coaching models you’re most excited about. Post a comment on the download page to let me know!

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I also made a short training video for you that goes with the eBook…

…I reveal a critical secret around the 4 minute mark… you don’t want to miss it.

Watch the video and download the eBook here.


I’m releasing several more FREE downloads, videos, and live trainings over the next week or so to help you rock your coaching business, and you won’t want to miss any of them…