Ever wonder… “When’s the best time of year to launch my coaching group?”

What You Need To Do NOW To Launch Your Coaching Group

First, it’s a little bit of a trick question, because the best time to start a group is when YOU are ready and excited to launch one… Right!?

Second, you want to consider your ideal group participants… Are there certain times of year that are better or worse for them?

For example…

=> If your target market is accountants, you’d be wise to avoid the busy tax season… And instead start your group in the early summer or sometime in the fall.

=> If you’re coaching parents, don’t start a group program during the summer or at the very beginning of the school year… Instead, wait until the “back-to-school” madness has settled down.

=> If you’re focused on helping singles find their soulmate it makes sense to time your group around Valentine’s day.

With that said, there are 3 main calendar times of year that are ideal for starting a group coaching program…

The Beginning of the New Year

One of the reasons this is my personal favorite is because you can leverage the New Year Effect… The time of year when people naturally focus on making a fresh start, setting important goals and going for the things they most want to achieve.

The Spring

March, April and May are also great months to launch your coaching group… You avoid the new year frenzy, have plenty of time to implement an effective marketing campaign and depending on your group duration, you can wrap-up your group before the summer.

The Fall

Late September thru end of October is another excellent time to kick-off a coaching group. Folks are back from summer vacation, students are back to school and you’ve still got a couple of months left to finish the year strong.


When are you going to launch your first or next coaching group?

If you’re choosing the beginning of the new year

#1 – Woo Hoo and great decision!

#2 – Map out your group coaching game plan NOW.

The fact is, there are a number of factors you need to consider and implement to successfully launch a group coaching program.

You can totally do it… and you’ll maximize your success when you roll up your sleeves and lay the groundwork sooner rather than later!