Last week I was at the “Traffic & Conversion” Marketing Conference in San Diego and I asked if you wanted me to take the time to share some of my key takeaways with you…

…OMG! The response was off the charts! I appreciate everyone who replied.

First, let me give a little context. The “Traffic & Conversion Summit” is one of the top marketing conferences in the US, and it focuses on digital (aka: online) marketing. It’s a HUGE event with 6,000+ attendees and over 100 sessions…

…So my takeaways are based on the sessions I attended with a specific focus on how they can help you as a coach in your business.

Big Picture Takeaway #1 From The “Traffic & Conversion” Marketing Conference

“It’s The End Of Marketing As We Know It (And I Feel Fine)” – This was the title of the opening keynote delivered by Ryan Deiss of Digital Marketer and it was about the state of online marketing today.

He gave an overview of how online marketing has progressed through these 5 phases…


Can you guess where we are right now?

That’s right, we’re in the disruption phase.

And in this phase the way to stand out is by doing the opposite… Think George Castanza on Seinfeld when he experiments with doing the complete opposite of what he would normally do and ends up dating a beautiful woman and getting a job with the New York Yankees.

Instead of thinking about having potential customers go through a single funnel, we need to take them on a journey.

Instead of automation being the key to success, connection and conversations are what’s working today.

And if you want to matter, start a movement.

For more details you can listen to the keynote on Facebook here:

Enjoy and stay tuned for my next Big Picture Takeaway about how to become an Instant Authority so you can effectively start that movement!