Success Club Call – Interview With Leadership Coach Kerrie Halmi

01-30-2013 – Interview with Kerrie Halmi

During this valuable interview Kerrie shared:

  • How she got into leadership coaching
  • What happened when she narrowed her coaching niche
  • Her super clever strategy that was super effective for opening doors to the corporate world when you first started 
  • The other marketing strategies that have worked well for her to attract clients for both her group and individual coaching
  • Her winning formula for group design so that the group duration and price point perfectly match what organizations are looking for
  • Her favorite group coaching tips and secrets 

Audio Recording:
Michelle Schubnell - Group Coaching Success - 5 audio training mp3s Interview with Women’s Leadership Coach Kerrie Halmi

Group Coaching Success Club Call 01-30-2013 Kerrie Halmi Interview