Success Bonus Training – JigsawBox

Interview with JigsawBox Creator Nicola Bird

For this Group Coaching Success Bonus Webinar JigsawBox Creator Nicola Bird delivered a content-rich webinar about:

  • How to use JigsawBox to run your group coaching programs.
  • How she created her first six-figure launch running a “bootcamp.”
  • And much, much more!

REMINDER: As part of the Group Coaching Success Program you get a FREE 90 day trial of JigsawBox. If you are new to JigsawBox, you can get your free 90 Day Trial here:

Here is the webinar recording with Nicola Bird, the creator of JigsawBox about how you can better leverage your time and information using the JigsawBox content management system:

Michelle Schubnel interview with Nicola Bird from Michelle Schubnel.

[membership_download_item_pdf link=”” + target=”_self”]Here are the slides from the JigsawBox webinar[/membership_download_item_pdf]

Want help setting up your JigsawBox account?

Here is a fantastic Virtual Assistant company that specializes in JigsawBox: