Here’s How You Can Coach More People, Make A Bigger Impact And Earn A Ton More Money In A Lot Less Time

Whether you’re just starting out as a coach or you’ve got all the clients you can handle, you can radically increase your income, your impact and your free time by offering group coaching programs your clients can’t resist.

The Group Coaching Success Home Learning Program

How to Design, Market, Fill and Deliver Lucrative and Rewarding Group Coaching Programs… Even if You Are Brand New to Coaching Groups
Get Up To Speed

This comprehensive, step-by-step program gives you everything you need – the tools, templates, systems, resources, guidance and support - to quickly get up to speed and be on your way to a more lucrative, leveraged and lifestyle friendly coaching business.

You don’t need to waste your precious time trying to figure out how to make group coaching profitable and fulfilling for you.

Forget about feeling lost, confused or uncertain.

Because I’ve done all the work for you!

Lifetime Access To The Proven, Step-By-Step Group Coaching Success System
Group Coaching Success Package

#1 – You’ll get the proven, step-by-step Group Coaching Success System (a $5,000 value) so you can get up to speed fast, know exactly what to do and be certain of your success. Lifetime, 24/7 access to the Online Member Area so you always have the resources you need.

Virtual GCS “Get-It-Done” Bootcamp (Recordings & Transcripts)
Group Coaching Success Call

#2 – Access Michelle’s “Get-It-Done” Bootcamp virtually at whatever time and pace works best for you (a $2,000 value). The weekly assignments will keep you motivated and on-track as you learn and implement the Group Coaching Success System. Plus the downloadable recordings and transcripts make it easy for you to model how Michelle runs her group program!

R.J. Lowery

“My First Coaching Group Was An Absolute Success

“I had done some private coaching, seminars and created an online product before taking the Group Coaching Success course, but I really wanted to work with groups. And thanks to Michelle’s help, I got the opportunity to do so at the beginning of this year. Michelle showed me step-by-step how to design my group, what kind of marketing to do and how to do it. Thanks to that, my first coaching group was an absolute success! I felt very, very prepared and am really excited to offer more groups in the future.

R.J. Lowery Expert Edge Business Coaching

Rose Muenker

“Motivated Me To Take Action Right Away

“Michelle’s Group Coaching Success Program motivated me to take action right away. While studying the content-rich materials and participating in her dynamic group calls, I designed, promoted and launched my first group coaching program for writers. Feedback from Michelle helped me create an effective sales page and forge ahead, pushing aside any perceived obstacles. The result is an exciting program addition to my coaching practice and an expanded clientele.”

Rose Muenker Writer Coach

Tracy Reid

“I Learned So Much And Benefited In So Many Ways

“I learned so much from the Group Coaching Success Program and the course has benefited me in so many ways. I was able to start my own group coaching program because I got clear about the design and structure of my group, figured out the pricing, content and length of the program and set up specific systems and tools so I could confidently deliver for my clients.

All of this would not have been possible if I did not take the course with Michelle.

My sincerest gratitude to Michelle and her team. Group Coaching Success is an excellent program for anyone who wants to coach groups. Michelle has been a great coach and mentor for me to learn from.”

Tracy Reid Stiletto Millionaires Business Coaching

Jim Struck

“Launched 1st Coaching Group With 33 Participants

“Group Coaching Success is an excellent program. The framework has been very helpful because it shows step-by-step what’s involved and how to add a lot more leverage to my business. I launched a coaching group with 33 participants as a follow-on to a recent training. It’s great to be able to reach more people and increase my income by coaching groups.

Jim Struck Leadership Coach

Module 1
Module 1
Module #1: Design Your Coaching Group

What are the secrets for creating a group coaching program your ideal participants will find irresistible at any price? Here’s some of what you’ll find out…

  • How to identify, find and connect with your ideal group participants.
  • The perfect topic or focus for your group so people can’t wait to sign up.
  • The best structure for your group so it’s a perfect fit for you, your business model and your target market.
  • How to price your group for maximum profitability and accessibility.
  • How much content you need… and what to do if you don’t have any of your own.
  • Bonus items you can include to stand out from the crowd and increase the value of your group.
Module 2
Module 2
Module #2: Market and Fill Your Coaching Group

Get the insider secrets and proven systems to effectively market and fill your group programs, including:

  • The proven marketing strategies that make attracting and enrolling participants a breeze.
  • How to make that essential emotional connection so people don’t think twice before joining your group.
  • The trick to creating special offers and calls-to-action that motivate people to say YES on the spot.
  • What you need to include on your sales page to get the best results possible.
  • How to handle registration logistics so you don’t lose people during the enrollment process.

Plus… customizable templates and scripts for your sales page, email promotions and more.

Module 3
Module 3
Module #3: Set Your Group Up For Success

Discover the most efficient, hassle-free ways to handle the management and administration of your group so it runs like a dream.

  • How to set up your registration and sign up process.
  • The various ways to collect payment and how to choose the best option for you.
  • The secrets for getting the people who sign up to show up.
  • The technologies you need if you are running a virtual group… and how to choose between all the different options.
  • How to allow the group to influence the agenda while still keeping your sessions on track.
Module 4
Module 4
Module #4: Group Coaching Skills and Secrets

Develop the critical core group coaching skills you need to confidently lead and coach your group… in person or by phone… even if you’ve never coached a group before.

  • Learn how to leverage your current coaching skills in the group environment.
  • Discover a fool-proof strategy for handling challenging participants and situations.
  • Know exactly what to do in the first session to start your group off strong.
  • Create the perfect framework for your group sessions so they run without a hitch.
  • Understand the critical importance of establishing group guidelines and ground rules, and how to get participant buy-in.

Plus, you’ll also discover what you need to do differently so you are super successful when coaching groups within companies and organizations.

That’s Not All!

You also get access to 2 Recorded Virtual Workshops:

Recorded Virtual Workshop #1: Create Your Own Signature Coaching System (Value: $1,250)

If you’re serious about building a sustainable, thriving coaching business, you need to position yourself as an expert. An expert who has a proven system for getting results.

In this Recorded Virtual Workshop, you’ll transform what you know into your own signature coaching system… a system you can use in both your group and 1-to-1 coaching… or even your own online course.

Recorded Virtual Workshop #2: Fill Your Group Program with Teleseminars and Webinars (Value: $1,250)

One of the best ways to fill your group programs is by offering a free teleseminar or webinar, a training that provides true value and inspires people to take the next step and join your group.

In this Recorded Virtual Workshop, you’ll create a free teleseminar/webinar that serves your audience without giving too much away and develop a non-salesy offer you can use to fill your group coaching program right away.

Bonnie McFarland

“Gave Me The Structure I Needed To Get It Done

“Before joining Michelle Schubnel’s Group Coaching Success Program, I had tons of information as well as the skills and experience for planning, designing, and marketing phone-based group programs, but somehow I never got around to doing it. Michelle’s program gave me the structure I needed to get it done as well as a place to ask questions, so I could get right all of the details it takes to create a successful group coaching program.

Two months after the program, I launched my coaching group!

Bonnie McFarland Life Coach

Zabe Barnes

“All Of My Groups Have Been Full!

“Since joining Michelle’s program, all of my groups have been full; in fact, enrollment has more than doubled due to one simple secret that she taught me. This shift was almost instantaneous. Wow!”

Zabe Barnes Spiritual Healing Teacher

Angela Love

“Created 2 Programs After The First Few Sessions…”

“Michelle’s Group Coaching Success Program was fantastic! I coach in the Fortune 500 and was able to create two programs in a short timeframe after attending the first few sessions. Michelle has an inspiring style and her training and bonus materials far exceeded my expectations.

The value is exceptional and I would not hesitate to recommend the program to people new to coaching, or people who are seasoned coaches. Group coaching is a great way to diversify your coaching toolkit. Thank you, Michelle!”

Angela Love, PhD Executive & Leadership Coach

Marla Beck

“Your Materials Helped Me Show Up Calm, Prepared, Confident Leader

“I just led the first meeting of my first group! I loved the experience today. Your materials helped me show up as a calm, prepared, confident leader. Thank you! I’m loving this program and all you’ve put in to it.”

Marla Beck Coaching for Writers

And When You Sign Up Today, You’ll Get These 4 Bonuses for FREE!

6 Months of Group Coaching with Michelle Schubnel
BONUS #1: 3 Month Group Coaching Jump Start Program with Michelle Schubnel (Value: $3,000)
Even though this is a home learning program, you don’t have to go it alone. Enroll today and you’ll receive access to the Group Coaching Jump Start Program where you'll receive 7 bi-weekly group coaching calls where you can receive Michelle’s expert coaching, guidance and feedback.

You can even email in your questions if you can’t attend live and all calls are recorded and available for you to download and keep.

Insider Secrets from 11 Successful Group Coaches
BONUS #2: Insider Secrets from 11 Successful Group Coaches (Value: $1,500)
Get the inside scoop as these 6-and-7 Figure Coaches reveal their best strategies and secrets for being successful with groups, including…

How to earn $200K+ coaching groups working only a few days each month, an unconventional enrollment tactic for landing big contracts, techniques that work like magic for creating cohesive groups, a clever strategy that opens doors in the corporate world when you’re just getting started… and so much more!

List-Building Secrets for Coaches Program
BONUS #3: List-Building Secrets for Coaches Program (Value: $2,000)

You don’t need a huge list to market a successful group program, but it sure helps!

Discover step-by-step how to grow and nurture a large and responsive e-mail list so that you always have a steady stream of new clients and customers.

You’ll get the truth about why so many coaches make BIG mistakes when trying to grow their list (and how to avoid it), what you need to know about email list management, the best types of “free gift” to offer (and which ones to avoid), the 5 Keys to Success for developing a loyal email list, and a lot more.

Facebook Group
Bonus #4: Lifetime Access to Our Members Only Facebook Group (Value: Priceless)

You’ll have lifetime access to Michelle, her team and our amazing community of coaches through our private Facebook Group so no matter where you are in your group coaching journey, you’ll have a perfect place to brainstorm, get expert advice and helpful support.

This is Your Ticket to The High Profit, High Impact Coaching Business You’ve Always Wanted

You’ve been searching for the best way to structure your coaching business so it’s financially stable and sustainable, so you can stop worrying about money and truly enjoy both your work and your free time. Now and for many years to come.

The Group Coaching Success Program is the answer. Don't miss this opportunity to get the expert guidance, training, tools and support you need to make a much bigger impact and income by working with groups. It’s time to open the door to unlimited income and create your ideal coaching business. One that gives you the freedom and flexibility you’ve always wanted, while making the world a much better place.

I can’t wait to show you how to design, fill and deliver your own high quality, high profit group coaching programs that grow your business, boost your visibility, and support you in living a life you truly love.

It’s your time!

Michelle Schubnel

Join Before The End Of Today’s Training And Receive…

Client Enrollment for Coaches
The Decisive Action Bonus: Client Enrollment for Coaches - The Proven Coaching Client Sign-Up System (Value: $2,000)

It’s really hard to fill your groups if you don’t know how to enroll and sign up news client. The good news is this is a totally learnable skill!

So when you join the Group Coaching Success Program before we wrap up today, you’ll receive the proven, step-by-step “Coach & Grow R.I.C.H. Client Enrollment for Coaches Training” so you can consistently sign up new clients.


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