productivity secret for coachesWant to know the #1 thing that helps me get stuff done in my business?

I wish this wasn’t the truth, but if it wasn’t for external deadlines and public accountability, my business may never have taken off and I might be back working a 9-5 job… or living under a bridge :)

As someone who used to pull all-nighters in college to cram for exams or finish a final paper, I know that I’m an inherent procrastinator…

…And the fact is, when you’re a coach and business owner, there’s a lot of stuff to do and it can get overwhelming, especially when you’re just starting out.

For example, when I launched my full-time coaching business, I knew having a website was important, but I was dragging my feet for months.

It wasn’t until I was unexpectedly invited to be a guest on a local TV news show, that I managed to get my website up… and surprisingly fast, at that!

Here’s why… There was no way that I was going to be interviewed on TV about this emerging profession called coaching and not have my coaching website online and open for business.

Ironically, the actual TV interview itself didn’t bring me any new coaching clients…

… but what it did was provide me with that external deadline and public accountability I needed to get my website done.

Can you relate?

If so, I have 2 key pieces of advice for you:

#1 – As Byron Katie says, “love what is.” If you’re like me and your natural tendency is to procrastinate, don’t beat yourself up. Instead…

#2 – Leverage external deadlines and public accountability in your business. For example, book a speaking engagement or interview, host a workshop, offer a teleseminar or webinar, run a group program, form a strategic alliance, pre-sell an online course before it’s completed…

Do you see how having these types of external deadlines and commitments can really help ensure that you get stuff done?

Of course there are lots of other tactics you can put in place as well.

For example, I love using Basecamp as a project management tool and I find it really helpful when I block out time in my calendar to work on specific projects.

I’m curious, do you also have that dreaded “procrastination gene” and if so, what are the strategies and tactics you use to get stuff done in your business?

I’d love to know!

You rock,

Michelle Schubnel,
Founder – Group Coaching Success

P.S.  It feels a little vulnerable to share this with you, but I figured I’m not the only one who has the “procrastination gene” and who struggles to getting stuff done, so hopefully this is helpful for you.


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