"The Positive Impact Pivot"

A Coaching Community Town Hall Meeting with Michelle Schubnel


The world is facing an unprecedented global health crisis and so many people are rightfully feeling scared, uncertain and confused.

That's why NOW, more than ever, the world needs your coaching.

This is your opportunity to...

  • Show up as the coach, leader and rockstar that you really are.
  • Generously give value as you make your mark and grow your community.
  • Leverage technology and make a bigger difference through virtual online individual and group coaching.
  • Be of service and make a positive impact while you also keep your business going and lay the foundation for even greater long-term success.

Join me for this special "Town Hall Meeting" for the global coaching community where we'll discuss exactly what you can do NOW to be of service and make a positive impact during this world wide crisis...

...and how to use this time to lay the foundation for your ongoing, big impact, highly profiable and thriving coaching business.

20+ Years As A Professional Coach

Shortly after I launched my full-time coaching business the 9/11 terrorist attacks happened... That's when I learned first hand that as coaches we can shift what is a major crisis into a business advantage by generously being of service, while also focusing on the opportunities that lie ahead.

And while I certainly don't have all the answers, I do know that how we choose to show up and the actions we take now will determine our long-term impact and success.

—Michelle Schubnel
Founder Group Coaching Success and
Coach & Grow R.I.C.H. Academy