“Create Your Customized Coaching Business Blueprint So You Can Enjoy The Success And Lifestyle You Desire In 2020!

From: Coach Michelle Schubnel  

RE: Your Lucrative Lifestyle Coaching Business Blueprint for 2020  

Dear Coach,  

Guess what today's most successful coaches are doing this time of year?  

Michelle Schubnel

Successful coaches create an Annual Success Plan that details their top goals for the year and then outlines a strategic plan in order to achieve them.  

Have you mapped our YOUR game plan for 2020?  

That's what my Private VIP Coaching Clients are currently focusing on and it's some of the most critical work we do together.  

In fact, this process is so key to your business success that I decided to do something special. 

I put together a Recorded Virtual Workshop where I walk you through the same process I use with my VIP Clients to help them create their customized Coaching Business Blueprint for their lucrative and leveraged coaching businesses!  

Recorded Virtual Workshop: "Lucrative Lifestyle Coaching Business Blueprint... Your Launchpad for Mega Success in 2020!"  

You get access to the workshop video, mp3 recording, transcript, slides and downloadable blueprint. This training is ideal for new and experienced coaches who want to enjoy mega success -- in business and life -- in 2020.  

My private VIP Clients invest thousands and thousands of dollars to tap into my 17+ years experience as a leader in the coaching profession.  

But I wanted to do something special to thank you for being part of my community and so I'm offering this valuable training for only $49!

Get "The Lucrative Lifestyle Coaching Business Blueprint" plus watch the recorded Virtual Workshop and let me help you create your Success Plan for 2020. Together we can make this process easy, fun and very worthwhile!  

Recorded Virtual Workshop: "The Lucrative Lifestyle Coaching Business Blueprint" With Michelle Schubnel  

Your Launchpad for Mega Success in 2020! 

Lucrative Lifestyle Coaching Business Blueprint

With this 90 minute recorded Virtual Workshop you'll create your very own Customized Coaching Business Blueprint that will serve as your road map to achieve the success and lifestyle you desire in 2020!

  • Clarify your annual income, impact and freedom goals.
  • Identify which revenue streams, products and programs make the most sense for you to offer in your business.
  • Discover how to structure your coaching business so you have the time, energy and resources to pursue your passions outside of your business.
  • Find out the #1 mistake coaches make when creating their annual business plan and exactly what to do to avoid it.
  • Get access to the downloadable Lucrative Lifestyle Coaching Business Blueprint. You will use this helpful fill-in-the-blanks tool as you go through the Workshop to create your own customized Business Success Plan.
  • Receive lifetime access to the recordings, transcript and slides that you can download and keep as part of your own Business Success Library. These powerful business planning tools will be resources you use year after year!

YES! I want in on The Lucrative Lifestyle Coaching Business Blueprint Recorded Virtual Workshop... A $497 Value for Only $49!

YES! Give me The Lucrative Lifestyle Coaching Business Blueprint + Recorded Virtual Workshop for ONLY $49!


14 Day Money-Back Guarantee!

If you are not completely satisfied with this training, let us know within 14 days from your date of purchase to receive a full refund. Your investment is risk free.  

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