Have you been thinking about coaching groups?

Group coaching is a great way to increase your impact, income and free time.

And while there are a variety of different group coaching models, today we’ll focus on the “Quick & Easy” Coaching Group…

…And the 3 key steps to get one launched fast:

#1 – Determine What Your Group Is About

For a “Quick & Easy” Coaching Group it’s best to focus on a specific top of mind problem your ideal clients have that you can help them solve in 4-6 weeks.

Here are some examples of different coaching niches and what the focus of their group could be about…

  • Dating Coach -> Create Your Authentic and Enticing Online Profile & Choose the Best Dating Site for You
  • Career Coach -> Rock Your Online Interviews with Confidence and Charisma
  • Life Coach -> Manifestation Made Easy: How to Go For What You REALLY Want… And Get It!
  • Small Business Coach -> How To Grow Your Following And Get Clients From Facebook

#2 – Follow This Golden Rule: To Fill Your Group, You Must Market to Groups

There are 2 main categories of groups you can market to:

#1 – Your own list/following = This is the best and easiest group for you to market to!

#2 – Someone else’s list/following = Often called a JV Partner, a Strategic Alliance or Referral Partner. This is so powerful because you can literally fill your group with just one Strategic Alliance!

In fact Bill, who participated in my Group Coaching Success Bootcamp did exactly this. He put together a group program that addresses a very specific problem. He reached out and formed a Strategic Alliance with someone whose audience has the problem his group program solves.

The Strategic Alliance Partner has an existing list and promoted Bill’s free webinar and Bill’s paid group program. Bill filled his first group program through that one Strategic Alliance… You could do the same!

#3 – Create and Implement a Simple Marketing Campaign

  1. If you’re marketing to your own list/following:
  2. Send an initial email to test the waters and get feedback on your group. “People support what they help create.”
  3. Send a Special Invitation announcing your group program and give an incentive for action takers (ie: early registration savings, special bonus).
  4. Deliver a Live Webinar or Facebook Live.
  5. Implement a 5-part email campaign that provides value while promoting your group.

If someone else is promoting you to their list/following:

  1. Have partner promote your free lead magnet and/or webinar.
  2. Have partner promote your paid group program.

It really can be that easy!

People need your help.

With everything that’s going on in the world people want and need the kind of support and transformation that you and your coaching provides now more than ever. And when you have a more affordable group option it’s an easier yes, so you can help a lot more people.

People want connection and community.

Due to so many of us staying at home and social distancing, people are feeling isolated and disconnected. Being part of a group of like-minded people who are striving towards a similar goal or addressing common challenges is a big reason why clients are attracted to group programs.

Offering a group program gives you a REASON to market and talk about your coaching.

A lot of people have a hard time with self promotion or selling “themselves.”

Can you relate?

It’s why many coaches struggle with marketing and selling their coaching.

But here’s the interesting thing…

…when you package up your coaching and offer it in the form of a group program, instead of feeling like you are marketing and promoting yourself, you are marketing and promoting something bigger than just you.

I love how June described it…

“I’ve achieved a new mindset where I’m not taking the ups-and-downs of business personally. I’ve separated my self-worth from whatever is going on in my business and this has been SO liberating. I know without a doubt that when I’m marketing, it’s a PROGRAM I’m offering and not ME. So if someone says “No thanks” I no longer feel hurt or rejected. That may sound silly, but I can tell you, it feels SO MUCH better being on this side of things!”

Michelle, if you’ve been thinking about starting a coaching group, I encourage you to go for it.

If you haven’t already, be sure to download my Group Coaching Checklist and stay tuned for more resources and trainings on how to become a successful group coach!