Create Your Signature Coaching Program in 1 day!What do you say when a potential client asks how your coaching works?

A) You talk about logistics… ie: “We schedule 3 coaching sessions per month and each session is 45 minutes, plus you can email or text me in between sessions.”

B) You say something like… “As a coach my role is to help you find the answers that are already inside you. I ask powerful questions so that you can connect with your authentic self. The best way to see how coaching works is to experience it.”

C) You share your Signature Coaching Program… in a clear and concise way that gets potential clients excited to coach with you.

If you answered A or B, I’m guessing that attracting and enrolling clients is a bit of a struggle.

Am I right?

Well then, let’s change that!

Developing your own signature coaching program is an excellent way to attract more clients, increase your credibility and enable clients to get better results.

In addition to using your signature program when you work with private or group clients, your coaching system can become the foundation for a book, webinars and workshops or creating passive revenue through online training programs and products.

Unfortunately, a lot of coaches never create their signature coaching program because it feels like a big project or a daunting task. They feel like they need high quality written materials, fancy marketing collateral and years of experience. While all of those things are certainly nice to have, they are not necessary for creating an effective signature coaching program that will help you attract and confidently coach more clients.

Here’s a straightforward process we teach that you can follow to create your signature coaching program…

Topic: What is the focus of your coaching?

Participants: Who are your ideal clients?

Challenges: What are 1-3 BIG challenges your ideal clients face?

Outcomes: What will clients be able to do, achieve or experience through your coaching?

Brainstorm Names: Here are just some ways to name… focus on desired outcome/results, who the program is for, use current brand, create an acronym.

Steps: Outline 3-7 key steps to overcome the challenges and achieve the desired outcomes.

Framework: Create a framework and use it for each step. This makes developing your system so much faster and easier. After you create your main framework, all you need to do is “fill-in-the-blanks.”

Here are ideas of things you can include in your framework. You do NOT need to include all of these. Often times with content creation, less is actually more!

Definition: What is the step about?

Benefits: Why is this step important and how do they benefit?

Story/Example: Share a story or give an example about the step.

Learning Points: What are the 1-3 key learning points related to this step?

Powerful Questions: What are 1-3 powerful coaching questions you can ask?

Quote: Share a quote that relates to the step.

Assignments: What are the action items or exercises for this step?

Resources: What additional tools or resources relate to this step?

Do you see how if you allocate some time and went through this process you could develop a solid blueprint for your own unique coaching system or program?

Once you have outlined your coaching program, start using it when coaching your clients. Now, I am not recommending that you treat all of your clients the same, or that you create the agenda for the coaching relationship. Rather, use your system as a foundation for your coaching. This will help you fine-tune your process and improve your coaching.

Remember, it’s YOU that makes your coaching program unique… Your voice, your words, your stories, your experiences, your personal insights, etc.