Find Your Profitable Online Group Idea

How to boost your income in the next 60 days

With so many of us staying at home and practicing physical/social distancing…

People are craving connection, community and support now more than ever.

It’s why NOW is such a great time to be offering online group programs!

To help you get started I created a brand new FREE 5-Day Mini Course so that you can take the key first step…

…Finding YOUR profitable online group idea:

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Find Your Profitable Online Group Idea

In just 5 days you’ll…

  • Choose a HOT topic for your online group based on what people are investing in today.
  • Identify your best ideal audiences that you can easily connect with online.
  • See how you can make great money from groups, even with a low-priced offer.
  • Quickly “Test the Yes” so you can validate your idea and confirm you’re on the right track!

If you’ve been wanting to coach groups of clients online be sure to take advantage of this action-oriented free training. We start on MONDAY 4/27!

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See you in the training!

Stay Well. Stay Home. Stay Positive. Wash Your Hands.

You rock,

– Michelle


Even if you already have some ideas or have coached groups online before, this practical bite-sized training will show you how to fine-tune your offer based on the current state of the world and what people want right now.

Join the Free Mini Course here.