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Do you plan to launch a coaching group in the next 4 months?

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It’s called “The 5 Stages of Successful Group Coaching: What You Absolutely MUST Know and Do Before Launching Your Coaching Group”

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Here’s just some of what you’ll find out:

=> The Five Stages of Successful Group Coaching. In order to create a more lucrative and leveraged business by working with groups, you have to understand the path of going from working with clients 1-1 to working with clients 1-many. We’ll break down each of the 5 stages and outline what the critical items you need to focus on in each phase.

=> The Secrets for Designing an Irresistible Group. Find out the wide variety of factors you need to consider when designing your group… And the 2 key components you must have in place so that your ideal clients are super excited to join.

=> The 2 Golden Rules To Fill Your Group. Break this and be prepared for a serious uphill battle.

=> My Simple 4-Part Formula to be a Confidently Group Coach. Quickly develop the confidence and core skills necessary to effectively lead and coach your group. When you follow this formula your participants will see you as a coaching pro, even if you’re still a rookie.

=> The 3 HUGE Mistakes Coaches Make when launching their first coaching group. What’s extra sad about this is that these are completely avoidable and so easy to fix.

Group coaching is the #1 way today’s top coaches leverage their time, increase their income and help A LOT more people. Join me for this training webinar and find out what you absolutely must know and do before launching your coaching group…

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Here’s to your group coaching success!


-Michelle Schubnel
Founder and Head Coach
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