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Imagine serving more clients, making a bigger impact and increasing your income, all while dramatically reducing the amount of time you work.

How, you ask?

The answer is group coaching! And the secret to having your group run well is based on how you conduct the first session.

Group Coaching Success Action Group

That’s why Group Coaching Expert Michelle Schubnel is giving you her popular “Done-For-You” Group Coaching Tools that make running your first group coaching session a breeze.

Enter your name and email in the boxes on the right and get Michelle’s “Done-For-You” Group Coaching Tools:

  • First Group Coaching Session Pre-Written Script
  • First Group Coaching Session Timed Outline
  • Group Coaching Session Framework
  • Group Coaching Ground Rules

If you are serious about making a really big impact and earning great money as a coach, while still having time to enjoy your life, you need to expand your business model.

You need to coach groups.

If you’re currently coaching groups OR you want to coach groups enter your name and email in the boxes on the right to get these amazing “Done-For-You” Group Coaching Tools that make it easy for you to run the first session of your coaching group and start your group off strong!