Do you ever question the value that your coaching provides?

When I was a new coach, I struggled with this a lot.

I’d wonder, “Am I providing enough value?  Is my coaching worth what I charge?”

Here’s an exercise we teach in the Coach And Grow R.I.C.H. Program that will help you recognize and connect with the value your coaching provides.

EXERCISE – Connect with the Value Your Coaching Provides

1. Make a list of all the benefits, results, outcomes and transformation that you have helped clients achieve or that you think you could help clients achieve. Challenge yourself to write AT LEAST 25 things.

2. Circle the 10 benefits that you think are the most valuable to a potential client.

3. For each of those top 10 benefits, see if you can discover the underlying benefit or the “benefit of the benefit.”  You do this by asking “What’s the benefit of that? Why is that important?”


Original benefit: find a new job
Underlying benefits: steady and stable income -> ability to provide for family

Original benefit: team meetings that are fast, efficient and enjoyable
Underlying benefit: saves time -> less stress -> leave work feeling peaceful -> more available, present and loving with partner

4. Now put a dollar value next to each of the main underlying benefits, the true benefit.


True benefit: ability to provide for family – Value = Priceless
True benefit: more available, present and loving with partner – Value = Priceless

I bet most, if not all of the underlying true benefits you identified would also be valued at priceless, right?

Please keep these underlying benefits and this exercise in mind the next time you are doubting the value of what your coaching can provide.

Post a comment below and let me know what you thought of this exercise or if you have any questions.

What you do matters.  Remember that!

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Michelle Schubnel,
Founder – Group Coaching Success