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Create Greater Transformation in Your Coaching Groups Using Card Decks

Over the past week or so I’ve been sharing some great free resources from my long-time coaching friend Marcy Nelson-Garrison about creating your own card deck and using it in your coaching business. (If you missed those helpful downloads, you can get them here for a few more days.)

So I’m curious… what do you think about card decks?

I think card decks are HOT.

Here’s why…

As a coach, you’ll be most successful when you incorporate things that are “tangible” to support your work with clients, such as books, templates, checklists, assessments, worksheets or a CARD DECK 🙂

What makes a card deck stand out is that it’s something your clients can actually use on a regular basis to reinforce your work together and deepen their learning, growth and transformation.

And while you can certainly use your card deck with private individual clients, having your own card deck really pays off when you incorporate your card deck as part of your group coaching program!

If you’re intrigued by the idea of having your own card deck…

#1 – Check out Marcy’s Card Deck Master Class. Enrollment is open this week only… so if you want to avoid re-inventing the wheel and have the whole process be fun and efficient, Marcy is your gal!

#2 – Watch the replay of my interview and conversation with Marcy below! I was so inspired by Group Coaching Success graduates Paulette, Renae and the others who have created their own card decks…

…that Marcy and I did a quick call about 3 ways that you can use a card deck to create greater transformation in your coaching group, including how they help clients:

=> increase awareness and create internal shifts
=> experience an energy or state change
=> stay connected to you and your message outside of coaching sessions

And because I’m such a big believer in coaches having “tangible” tools to use with clients… I want to support you in making it happen. So when you say YES to yourself and your card deck by joining Marcy’s program, I’m going to give you one of my popular training programs that can help serve as the foundation for your card deck when you sign up with my link.

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SPECIAL BONUS #2: I’ll Be One Of Your First Card Deck Customers & Provide a Testimonial

That’s right… When your card deck is done I’ll buy one and will then give you a testimonial about how awesome it is that you can use in your marketing.

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