"Here Are The 7 BEST Group Coaching Models You Can Use To Coach More Clients, Grow Your Business Faster And Earn A Lot More Money In Less Time…"

  • From: Michelle Schubnel

  • San Francisco Bay Area, CA

Michelle Schubnel


Do you want to make a big impact and earn great money as a coach, while still having time to enjoy your life?

A GREAT way to do this is by coaching groups.

My name is Michelle Schubnel and over the past several years I’ve had the opportunity to teach hundreds of coaches around the world how to add group coaching to their business.

During this time I discovered what I believe are the 7 Best Group Coaching Models. Virtually every successful coaching group that I’ve seen fits into one of these 7 models!

Once I figured this out, I realized I needed to share this important and time-saving information.

So I developed this eye-opening training where I outline - in detail - the exact components of the 7 Best Group Coaching Models and how to choose the right one for your business.

"The 7 Best Group Coaching Models"

For each of the 7 Group Coaching Models you’ll discover...

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